let’s get your business on the road

fingo will source and purchase the truck on your behalf, and it will then be leased out to you. this offers a lower risk asset finance option as you only make monthly payments for as long as the truck is required, and you can cancel when you like. as the lease expires you have a few options: continue leasing the truck, have the truck sold back to the supplier or pay the residual amount to gain complete ownership of the equipment.

benefits of fingo’s asset finance

leasing your truck, or trucks, accommodates for more choice and flexible use, as there is no need to seek permanent storage, or be responsible for the long-term maintenance of the vehicle.

save on taxes

the lease is subject to gst only on the monthly charge of the least, and the residual amount upon the completion of the lease. gst can be claimed on your input credit tax and the lease rentals can be claimed as a tax deduction, resulting in an incredibly solvent approach.

other options

if this option isn’t optimal for your particular requirements, we can satisfy your trucking needs with a commercial hire or chattel mortgage.

commercial hire

for one-off instances where repeated use of the truck is not expected, a commercial hire may be more suited to your needs. fingo has the connections and can set you up with a truck rental at an affordable rate as well as find the right rental company that can accommodate your every need.

chattel mortgage

this is a process wherein a plan is arranged where we forward the funds to you, for you to purchase the trucks you need. at that point, we place a mortgage over the trucks so that the loan is secure and safe. upon the mortgage’s completion, full ownership and control is yours. the rates are negotiated and agreed upon prior to the purchase so that both fingo and you, the customer, are happy and comfortable with the plan.

why fingo?

no hidden fees, expert knowledge and tailored finance solutions are just a few of the reasons fingo works for you. talk to a representative today.

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