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Here at Fingo we offer a simple, professional and innovative fleet management service to any individuals and businesses in Australia. Our knowledgeable expert team make it easier than ever to guide you through and tailor the most suitable finance solution and fleet management package for your business. We will find you the perfect car for your needs at the best price all whilst maximising your tax savings. Doesn’t matter if you’re an enterprise corporation or an individual, years of combined industry knowledge at Fingo means that we know that we can save you thousands!

But saving you thousands on your dream car isn’t all we do, after we have successfully secured the finance we will tailor a fleet management package for all your other running costs. Whether you have a single vehicle or an entire fleet, we are here to help you manage your vehicle(s), by combining all your running costs, everything from Insurance to fuel into a simple and easily managed single monthly payment! With our years of experience and industry know how, we can guide you through the budgeting of your running costs, taking into account your specific needs, work and vehicle requirements. Better still, you can pay for all your running costs with one single fleet card!

Why Fleet Management?

  1. 1 Fleet Discounts on nearly all cars
  2. 2 No Stress budgeting, one monthly payment for all costs
  3. 3 Fuel discounts nationwide
  4. 4 No more time consuming admin for fleet vehicles
  5. 5 Web based platform, so you can track your account with ease
  6. 6 Friendly and experience customer service team to assist with all your fleet management needs and queries

Want fleet management but you don’t lease your car?

No worries, you can fleet manage any number of vehicles with or with finance.

Fleet Management service

Our specialised, streamlined software ensures that our offerings are unique and innovative, consolidating raw data into one easy to understand monthly report, all whilst practicing customer centric customer service in order to deliver you an exceptional experience.

Our standard features include:

  1. 1 Fuel performance reporting
  2. 2 Fuel and maintenance card management
  3. 3 Odometer reporting
  4. 4 Service and maintenance management
  5. 5 Tax reporting (include FBT)
  6. 6 Vehicle equity management (typically not offered by other fleet management companies)
  7. 7 Utilisation management
  8. 8 Acquisition and disposal management
  9. 9 Roadside renewal management
  10. 10 Registration renewal management
  11. 11 Insurance renewal management
  12. 12 End of manufacturer warranty management
  13. 13 Reimbursement management
  14. 14 Vehicle Rental
  15. 15 Dedicated trading account (for fleet over 50 vehicles)

Optional features: (POA)

  1. 1 Budgeted fleet management
  2. 2 Bespoke pricing for roadside assistance membership
  3. 3 Infringement and e-tag's management
  4. 4 Accident management and repairs
  5. 5 Telematics

Why Fingo?

  • Fuel Cards: We have negotiated fuel discounts across the nation and manage all ordering, replacements and enquiries of your fuel card on your behalf. Not only that but we send a monthly fuel report so you can keep track and easily change budgets if needed.
  • Servicing: With thousands of accredited repairers and suppliers available, maintain your car with peace of mind.
  • Acquire and Deliver: Fingo have an in house Car broking team who will get you the best price and deliver your vehicle to your door!
  • Online Account: Manage your account, make changes, download your fleet report and have complete transparency of your spending.
  • FBT Reporting: We do all the hard work so you and you don’t have to, the calculations are simply sent over for you.
  • Comprehensive Insurance: Stress free Insurance renewals, we provide broker exclusive comprehensive insurance which you can pay directly through your account!
  • One monthly payment: consolidate all your running costs to one single monthly payment and make your accounting a breeze.

How does it work?

Fingo provides a comprehensive service that assesses your business’s needs - taking into account taxation benefits, suitable vehicle options & requirements and provides you with the best of the best all under one monthly bill.


Fingo can arrange maintenance, upgrades/replacements, Fringe Benefits Tax (FBT) reports, accident management and registration renewal on your fleet as well as an abundance of other services for you to pick from to keep your fleet in tip top shape.


Our fleet support is not just limited to your standard road vehicles. We can procure specialised light and heavy industrial equipment through our large range of suppliers, as well as sourcing additional training for operation of these vehicles.