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Bmw X3 – Novated Lease

Sleek, stylish and sophisticated, the BMW is a beloved model here in Australia. Whether you are interested in the Bmw X3 for business or leisure, the Bmw X3 is versatile, fuel-efficient and affordable on a Fingo Novated Lease package.

What is a novated lease?

Unlike paying in a large lump sum or getting a traditional car loan, a novated lease from Fingo is a legally binding contract between you, your employer and the Bmw X3 dealership. With the advantage of choosing your own car and model and being able to drive it for work and personal use, you aren’t restricted to the car chosen by your employers.

A novated lease and associated costs are paid for through your salary packaging, before tax, which means you will save big on your new Bmw!

Affordable Bmw X3 lease options for Australian Full-Time Employees

Take the burden away from complicated loans and high-interest rates with a Novated Lease from Fingo. A Novated Lease is the perfect option to finance your new BMW. If your employer offers staff salary packaging, then get in touch with our friendly team today. We are dedicated and excited by helping you get the best price on your new Bmw X3 from your chosen dealership.

Get your new BMW with Fingo Novated Leasing

Talk to our friendly team of professionals today on 1300 134 646 – we are excited to help you get your dream BMW on a Novated Lease package that is unique to you! Use our novated lease calculator below to find out how much you can save on your new Bmw X3.

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