when will this end?!” – a question that almost everybody has asked themselves at some point during 2020 and 2021. lockdowns, restrictions, face masks… all of these hurdles in the way of resuming normal life are finally coming to an end. but there’s one consequence of the covid-19 pandemic which is lingering around like a bad smell: the new car shortage.

when will this end?!” is being asked by car dealers, business owners, tradies, government agencies and basically anyone else who wants to buy a new car. the answer? nobody knows for sure, but we have a rough idea.


most experts are predicting that the best case scenario will be mid 2022, and the worst case will be early 2023. but really, it depends on for how long there’s a components shortage, and then a little while longer after that while we wait for car manufacturers to finish building new cars with those components.

what to do in the meantime

so, the question now is, what are we supposed to do in the meantime? twiddle our thumbs? make another cup of tea? think about buying a moped and, if you’re a tradie, a little trailer for your tools to be transported? we can bet you’ll cop a ton of flak from the others on the site for doing that, so it’s probably not the best idea.

here’s what you should do in the meantime:

  • look for car manufacturers that haven’t been as much affected by the chip shortage

if you know exactly what you want and it’s not available, you can skip this section. but if you’re rather open-minded, you might find that there’s an alternative to what you were looking for in the first place. manufacturers like jeep and dodge seem to have been less-affected by the components shortage than their japanese and european counterparts, so that could be an option.

  • consult an expert in car buying

when you’ve got a health problem, you talk to your doctor. when you have a toothache, you see your dentist. when you’ve got a leaky tap, you call the plumber. and when you’ve got a problem with buying a new car, as we all do in this climate, you should talk to a car broker.

yes, it might be a while until buying a car gets easier than it is now. but when you talk to an expert in car buying, like a top notch car broker, your troubles fade immediately. fingo are australia’s car buying, car trading, car selling and car financing experts. whether you’re a business or an individual, fingo offer smart car finance advice and methods on how to buy the right car or fleet of cars, even in such a challenging climate as now. get in touch with an expert from fingo and beat the car shortage today.

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