haggling. it’s a lost art form that’s only really been rehashed by sites like facebook marketplace and gumtree, where people offer you 80% less than what you’re asking in some kind of desperate attempt to rip you off. those offers are then ignored or replied to with expletive-laden messages. that isn’t really considered haggling per se, so we can firmly say that the true art of haggling is something that most people are out of touch with. 

you may have successfully haggled with people on those sites, scoring yourself $50 off here and there and celebrating the small wins. but what about when we’re talking bigger business – negotiating with a car dealer, for example. if you’re not experienced in haggling, it can be a darned daunting task.

negotiating on your own

while you can walk into a car dealership on your own and try to negotiate on the price with the car dealers, it’s not something we advise… and it might not work out in your favour as much as you hoped. 

car dealers are seasoned experts at negotiating, and when you step into their yard, you’re in their territory, giving them the upper hand from the get-go. they can sense when someone is experienced in negotiating and when they’re not, so it’s important to consider this before you walk into a car dealership.

car dealers have an objective

when you walk into that car yard, a car dealer has one objective: to sell you a car, and the extras that go with it. in other words, they’re looking to get the best possible deal for themselves. this doesn’t mean they’re always sneaky or mean people – they’re just doing their job. but it does mean that they’re not working for you.

negotiating through fingo? bingo!

the smart way for australians to negotiate when buying from a car dealer is to go through an expert vehicle solutions team like fingo. we help aussies across the country to buy or trade new and used cars every day. we aren’t looking to serve themselves: we’re a car broker, meaning we work for you! this includes comparing deals on vehicles with over 2,000 other car dealerships, giving you plenty of leverage when negotiating with car dealers. the brokerage team here at fingo are all experts with handling car dealers, many of them having spent time as car dealers themselves

whether you’re buying, selling or trading your car, the key to getting the best result and keeping more money in your pocket is by chatting with our team. offering a range of vehicle solutions, including brokerage, insurance, loans, leases and more, we take pride in being able to secure you the best deal no matter what.

chat with our friendly team at fingo today and let them handle the negotiations for you.

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