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how does it work?

Taxbreak is Fingo's newest car finance service that is specifically designed to manage and maximise your tax savings. By calculating the optimal time to sell and upgrade your vehicle, you can keep up with the latest models without paying any extra.

what is taxbreak?

The smart way of putting business users on the road for good in the most transparent, tax effective way possible. Fingo's in-depth industry experience, specialist accounting knowledge and technological systems ensure maximum savings for all types of businesses.

why taxbreak?

Novated Leasing in Australia has risen in popularity in recent years as business choose to appoint fleet managers rather than continue with in-house fleet management, which arose in the aftermath of the global financial crisis. Further, industry growth is projected as fleets are trending towards fuel-efficient vehicles that have high capital cost. Nevertheless, the advantages that personal use customers receive aren't seen by people using a novated lease for business use. Taxbreak evens the playing field by finding the same tax savings for people who fall under the business use umbrella. Another goal of Taxbreak is to clarify misunderstandings about car allowances. The most common of which being what taxes they can claim, when they can claim them, and what kind of industry specialists actually exist. Taxbreak lays it all out, plain and simple, so you stay in the know of exactly what you're entitled to.

the taxbreak solution

Taxbreak by Fingo is a service that presents the most appropriate and optimal tax solutions for your given situation. Novated leases don't offer the same tax savings for business use purposes, which is where Taxbreak differs. The Taxbreak model diminishes depreciation during the early stages of the loan, which combined with the Optimum Vehicle Replacement program (a program unique to Fingo), provides the opportunity for the customer to get out of their car and into a new one sooner, for no extra cost while still retaining their first years tax benefits.

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Our in-depth knowledge of industry financing means you get more from your dollar. Find out how you could be saving money through Fingo’s unique offering – Taxbreak.

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