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Fingo is at the forefront of car financing. Our financiers are here to help you get a better deal. Whether you’re upgrading to a new lease or looking to refinance an old one, we make sure you get the perfect plan for less.

Car loan

Fingo provides a range of smart, competitive personal car finance plans that are always tailored to your specific needs. Our finance consultants have a wealth of industry knowledge and provide an unparalleled level of service.

Wherever you want to go in your new car, we’re here to help you get there.

Novated lease

Put simply, a novated lease is an agreement between yourself, a financier, and your employer, that saves GST and income tax. Being a salary packaging benefit you enjoy unlimited private use.

Chattel mortgage

Chattel mortgage is a sensible approach for any business or individual that needs to either upgrade or acquire a new or used vehicle. This is a fixed loan that provides for the purchase of a vehicle in exchange for a series of payments. The vehicle is then used for security.

Car allowance

If you’re offered a car allowance, there are many ways to utilise it. You can use your car allowance to pay toward the repayments on your current car, or use it to on a new car. One thing you can be sure of is that with fingo, we’ll help you make the most of your car allowance.


It’s all in the name: Taxbreak is Fingo’s latest car finance service that has been specifically designed to maximise the tax savings for business-use customers.

Operating lease

Operating lease is an agreement between you, (the business), an administrating company (us, Fingo) and the financier, which allows you to use the vehicle(s) whilst the ownership of the asset remains with the financier during and after the agreed term.

Finance lease

Obtaining a finance lease is a sensible and affordable approach for any business or individual if the vehicle is used predominantly for business purposes. A finance lease gives you immediate use of the vehicle without having to arrange a large deposit.

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