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fingo is at the forefront of car financing. our financiers are here to help you get a better deal. whether you’re upgrading to a new lease or looking to refinance an old one, we make sure you get the perfect plan for less.

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fingo provides a range of smart, competitive personal car finance plans that are always tailored to your specific needs. our finance consultants have a wealth of industry knowledge and provide an unparalleled level of service.

wherever you want to go in your new car, we’re here to help you get there.

novated lease

put simply, a novated lease is an agreement between yourself, a financier, and your employer, that saves gst and income tax. being a salary packaging benefit you enjoy unlimited private use.

chattel mortgage

chattel mortgage is a sensible approach for any business or individual that needs to either upgrade or acquire a new or used vehicle. this is a fixed loan that provides for the purchase of a vehicle in exchange for a series of payments. the vehicle is then used for security.

car allowance

if you’re offered a car allowance, there are many ways to utilise it. you can use your car allowance to pay toward the repayments on your current car, or use it to on a new car. one thing you can be sure of is that with fingo, we’ll help you make the most of your car allowance.


it’s all in the name: taxbreak is fingo’s latest car finance service that has been specifically designed to maximise the tax savings for business-use customers.

operating lease

operating lease is an agreement between you, (the business), an administrating company (us, fingo) and the financier, which allows you to use the vehicle(s) whilst the ownership of the asset remains with the financier during and after the agreed term.

finance lease

obtaining a finance lease is a sensible and affordable approach for any business or individual if the vehicle is used predominantly for business purposes. a finance lease gives you immediate use of the vehicle without having to arrange a large deposit.

car finance australia

in the expansive realm of car financing and leasing, fingo shines as a symbol of transparency, reliability, and proficiency. whether you’re a novice in the realm of car purchasing, a company in search of fleet solutions, or an individual seeking tax-efficient car financing choices, our array of services is custom-tailored to cater to all requirements.

auto car finance

at Fingo, we recognise that acquiring or renting to leasing a car involves more than just moving from one place to another. it’s about the life events, goals, and objectives you hold dear. our comprehensive portfolio of lease or car finance repayment, and auto finance services is designed to guarantee that every decision you make is supported by our knowledge. you may obtain the clarity you need to make an informed choice by using our car finance calculator. our services include:

  1. car loan

    embark on a smooth drive to ownership with Fingo’s Car Loans. with competitive interest rates, flexible repayment options, and swift approval processes, we ensure your journey from choosing a car to owning it is seamless.

  2. novated lease finance

    maximise your tax benefits while driving your dream car! our Novated Lease finance options allow your employer to make lease payments on your behalf from your pre-tax salary. it’s an innovative, tax-efficient way to lease and potentially own your vehicle.

  3. chattel mortgage

    ideal for businesses, our chattel mortgage solutions let you borrow funds to purchase a vehicle while using that vehicle as security. enjoy tax benefits, fixed interest rates, and the possibility of reduced GST implications.

  4. car allowance

    give your employees the freedom to choose! our car allowance services offer a fixed sum to employees for their vehicle expenses. it’s a flexible solution that empowers your team while simplifying administrative processes.

  5. tax break

    unleash potential savings with fingo’s tax break service. we’ll help you navigate the intricacies of car-related tax benefits, ensuring your business maximise savings when offering car allowances to your employees while adhering to Australian tax laws.

  6. operating lease

    keep your business agile and updated. with our operating lease options, lease vehicles for a fixed period without the commitment of ownership. at the lease’s end, simply return, replace, or upgrade!

  7. finance lease

    experience the benefits of car ownership without the upfront costs. our finance lease solutions let you enjoy a vehicle while the financier retains ownership. at the term’s end, take the option to purchase, extend, or upgrade.

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  • expertise: years of industry experience ensure you get the best advice and solutions.
  • transparency: no hidden fees, no complicated jargon. we believe in clear, straightforward communication.
  • tailored solutions: every individual and business are unique. our services are tailored to suit your specific needs.
  • fast approvals: we value your time. with fingo, expect quick and hassle-free approval processes.

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start with our detailed service descriptions available on our website. for a more personalised assessment, reach out to our expert team who can guide you based on your financial situation, goals, and preferences.

an operating Lease allows you to use a vehicle for a fixed period without the intent of ownership. at the end, you can return, replace, or upgrade the car. a Finance Lease, is similar and gives you the same benefits of an Operating Lease other than at the end of the term, you have the option to purchase, extend the lease, or upgrade.

absolutely! we offer financing solutions for both new and used vehicles, ensuring our clients have a broad range of choices.

yes, Fingo specialises in solutions tailored for businesses, from single vehicles to entire fleets. our suite of services, including Chattel Mortgage and Operating Lease, caters to diverse business needs.

fingo offers a unique blend of industry experience, tailored solutions, and a commitment to transparency and customer service. our services are designed to meet diverse needs, ensuring every client finds the right fit.

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