let’s rewind and imagine you’re an everyday punter, but you’re living in ancient greece. you’ve had a decent year as a blacksmith and you’re thinking about buying a chariot. there are some nice chariots on the market: some of them even have those whiz-bang new inventions called ‘handbrakes’. after checking the small amount of gold stashed under your bed, you realise you don’t quite have enough for your chariot, even though it could help you make money by getting around quicker, collecting materials faster, and the like. 

these days, even if you can’t or don’t want to buy a chariot (uh, we mean vehicle) outright, then that’s not a problem. we have the magical aid of car finance. but that raises another question: to finance or not to finance? in other words, should you finance your vehicle or buy it outright?

car finance

there are many advantages of financing a vehicle:

  • easier to budget

when you’ve only got small monthly repayments to make, it’s much easier to create an effective budget. this assists with managing cash flow and keeping track of how much you need to put away in order to stay on top of your finances.

  • start moving now

let’s say you’ve just started work, but you need a vehicle for it. this doesn’t have to mean you’re doing a trade – it could simply mean avoiding public transport and saving you an extra two hours of your day when getting to work and back. if you need a vehicle for work but don’t want to buy it outright, car finance allows you to start moving now.

  • interest rates are low

interest rates have never been lower, so it’s a great time to finance a car if you’re in the position to do so (hint: you probably are).

  • smarter investment

you can invest your hard earned money elsewhere and let it work for you, other than spending it on a depreciating asset, let’s face it we are not buying a ferrari 250 gto or a mercedes benz 300 sl that will go up in value over time.

buying outright

buying a car outright, though less common, also has its advantages.

  • pay it off immediately

even though interest rates are low, some people just want to pay things off immediately and that’s understandable. however, make sure your budget allows for the purchase: you don’t want to be spending $50,000 outright on a vehicle when you’ve got $51,000 saved in the bank.

  • avoid sneaky finance agreements

it’s rare but, sadly, it does happen: dodgy car loan people can slap you with hidden fees if you’re not careful enough. buying a vehicle outright allows you to avoid any sneaky car finance clauses. however, if you go through a trusted car broker like fingo, this is something you’ll never have to worry about.

car finance through fingo is always straight-forward, transparent and simply a dream.
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