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an agreement between you, (the business), an administrating company (us, fingo) and the financier, which allows you to use the vehicle(s) whilst the ownership of the asset remains with the financier during and after the agreed term.

unlike a finance lease, operating lease do not carry any residual/balloon risks, the lessee will simply return the vehicle(s) to the lessor.  for any businesses that require a long term vehicle solution, an operating lease allow them access to the newest models regularly whilst retaining the same monthly payment and provide the maximum tax benefits.

benefits of an operating lease

  • lower risk
  • no residual/balloon payments
  • long term options available
  • get access to new models and keep the same monthly payments
  • save on your taxes

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get a fleet discount even if for single vehicles. we have exclusive access to better discounts with our national purchasing power from purchasing thousands of vehicles every year.

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your dedicated expert

let’s face it. obtaining an operating lease can be complicated and time consuming. but it doesn’t have to be. with fingo you’ll get your very own dedicated operating lease expert, who’ll take care of every question and smooth every little bump in the road.

tailored to your business

fingo provides a range of smart, competitive and innovative operating lease solutions tailored exclusively to your business’s needs. our operating lease experts have a wealth of industry knowledge and provide a level of service unparalleled in the industry.

find operating leases too confusing? we can explain it to you personally.

someone to take care of the paperwork

imagine if you could set up your operating lease without having to worry about the boring part. sound good? we’ve got paperwork specialists to make your life paperwork and pain free.

how our process works

1. choose your fleet

whether it’s a dealer or private sale, get their best written quote.

2. we negotiate an even lower vehicle purchase price

we’ll negotiate a 10-25% discount from the dealer with our fleet buying power and exclusive industry relationships.

3. receive a tailored operating lease quote

now that you’ve got a great deal on your fleet, it’s time to get a deal on your operating lease too.

4. we take care of all the boring paperwork

upon your acceptance of our tailored operating lease solution, we’ll arrange everything with the dealer on your behalf.

5. say hello to your new fleet!

we present you with the necessary documentation, you sign and drive away.

difference between an operating lease and finance lease

each have their pros and cons, similarities and differences and will benefit each individual business differently. we use our expert knowledge to help each business find just the right tailored vehicle solution.

operating lease
finance lease
new or used car
fleet pricing on new cars
car purchase gst-free
can use car as security
no deposit required
tax classification rental/loan
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