car finance solutions for your small business

it’s essential for a small business to have its own vehicle solution, especially when you work for yourself. we’re here to help you enjoy the independence that comes with your own work vehicle with our range of finance and procurement solutions.

fingo can even help if you’re a new startup and you don’t have all the necessary financial statements and documents needed to secure a finance. this is called a low doc loan and it’s favoured by sole traders and self-employed operators across australia thanks to the favourable tax benefits.

for finance and operating leases you can:

  • claim back gst paid on purchase price in full
  • repayments and residual are gst-free
  • running costs and interest on repayments are tax-deductible
  • claim depreciation on the vehicle, as per ato guidelines

calculate your savings

  • Choose your vehicle or enter the loan amount
  • Your Information

Choose your vehicle (optional)

Optional, ranging from 0 - 45% of the loan amount
$ 45% of the total loan amount
If unsure, the average is 5%
% p.a.
If unsure, the average is 3 years
Your repayments
$0 / week
over years*

*Terms & Conditions Apply: Our calculator will only give you an estimate of the benefits of our car finance product.

benefits of fingo's car finance

  • personalised service and a tailored car finance solution
  • access to a wide range of lenders and finance products
  • discounted rates
  • low to no payout penalties 
  • fixed monthly repayment 
  • optional balloon payment at end of term
  • we take care of all the paperwork!

how our process works

1 choose your vehicle

choose the vehicle best suited to your business and personal needs – whether it’s a ute, suv, van or anything else.

2 we negotiate an even lower vehicle purchase price

we are able to negotiate a 10-25% discount from the dealer thanks to our fleet buying power and exclusive industry relationships.

3 receive a transparent vehicle finance quote

we’ll discuss the various vehicle finance options – low doc, chattel mortgage, operating lease, etc – and tailor the most suited solution for your unique needs, then we’ll send over a quote that details your savings, monthly repayments, running costs and anything else we’ve discussed.

4 we take care of all the boring paperwork

you’ve got a business to run, so let us take care of all the finer details. we make the process of getting your new car as simple as possible.

5 drive away in your new vehicle!

as soon as your new vehicle is in stock, you can pick it up and hit the road!

why fingo?

fingo takes the hassle and stressful steps of obtaining a lease out of the process, so once provided with the necessary information, we’ll get the wheels turning and co-operatively complete the application process, and order your desired vehicle.

Fingo Finance