maximise savings on your car allowance with taxbreak

it’s all in the name: taxbreak is fingo’s latest car finance service that has been specifically designed to create a bigger tax break for business-use customers. 

using in-depth industry experience, specialist accounting knowledge and technological systems, fingo has found a way to help all types of on-the-go businesses maximise tax savings beyond standard novated leases.

how does taxbreak work?

novated leases have risen in popularity in australia but fingo differs from the rest with a new way to save. with taxbreak, fingo business-use customers can now save on taxes as much as personal-use customers do.

taxbreak also brings more transparency to the tax claiming process. when it comes to novated leases, it’s not always obvious which taxes can be claimed and when. taxbreak lays it out, plain and simple, and keeps you in the know about exactly what you’re entitled to.

the taxbreak solution

the taxbreak model diminishes depreciation during the early stages of the loan which, combined with fingo’s unique optimum vehicle replacement program, allows the customer to get out of their current car and into a new one sooner for no extra cost, while still retaining their first year’s tax benefits.

why fingo?

no hidden fees, expert knowledge and tailored finance solutions are just a few of the reasons fingo works for you. talk to a representative today.

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