novated driver user guide

fingo provides all our fleet customers a modern and convenient way to access their account via our web based online driver’s portal. from the portal you will be able to access information and reports regarding your account, as well as update your personal details and your current odometer reading.

upon login, note that your user id is set to your driver id and your password is initially set as your vehicle’s registration number (in capitals with no spaces).

about this system

this system is designed to allow you to view information regarding your novated lease (contract), run reports and update certain data such as personal details and odometer readings. our system is totally web based and designed to run on microsoft explorer version 5.5 and above. any data you see is retrieved directly from our internal fleet system and any changes you save are recorded immediately.

screens available

fleet/administration/contracts/fbt screen

summary of your contract information and current fbt status. a report can be run by selecting the date you are interested in and clicking on the ‘print’ button. this will activate adobe acrobat reader and display the report.

fleet/administration/contracts/maintenance screen

this screen provides a transaction listing of your fuel transactions, odometer readings and other transactions included in your fuel budget. note that the tick box next to the odometer reading is used to indicate if the odometer reading is valid and hence used for reporting purposes. the ‘print’ button will generate a transaction listing report in pdf format. you can also enter your own odometer readings on this screen.


the events screen is used to record and display events relevant to your individual contract. events are recorded per type.

for most events, the ‘value’ field and ‘description’ field are free text unless specifically used for certain events (e.g. value = driver name in the case of driver changes). the date field is to record the effective date of the event. the odo/amt field may be used to record quantities, amounts or odometer readings.

events may be edited or deleted by using the tick box (left of screen) and choosing edit or delete from the buttons at the bottom right of the screen. new events are started by clicking on the ‘new’ button. click on ‘create’ to save your event. note that fleet managers can create, edit or delete most events however individual novated drivers may only edit log book events (other events will be displayed to you).

the database audits all events and records edited and deleted events with your user id and the date and time.

driver contact screen

this screen contains your personal details such as contact information and is linked to your employer’s account (client). you may update your details on this screen by clicking ‘edit’, making the changes and clicking ‘save’. you may choose your report delivery preference on this screen. selecting a report delivery preference of ‘email’ will regularly send you an updated novated driver report. selecting ‘post’ will result in a printed copy of the report being posted to your postal address regularly. if you wish to simply view and download the report by logging in over the web, set this option set to ‘self service’.

driver password screen

you may change your password on this screen by entering your existing password and a valid new password. note that new passwords need to be between 6 and 12 characters long and contain at least one number and one letter. if you have forgotten your password or need to reset your password please contact us.

updating information

note that you are responsible for the accuracy and validity of any data you enter into the system. in addition you are
subject to the ‘terms of use’ which are available for viewing at the bottom of each screen.

odometer readings may be updated on the maintenance screen by selecting the ‘odometer’ button on the bottom right of the screen. the system will verify the reading you are entering and advise you if the reading is unexpectedly high or low (typically within a 20% tolerance). a standard description will be displayed which you may add to if you wish. follow the screen prompts and your new odometer reading will be saved into our system.

the latest odometer readings are immediately available for use in the novated driver report (and other reports for fleet managers) on the fbt screen to allow you to see the effect of the updated reading.

note that our system is updated daily for vehicle servicing and monthly for fuel transactions.

printing and viewing reports

if you choose pdf as the report output you will need to have adobe acrobat reader installed on your computer. if you do not have this installed, you can download the software from here.

for additional assistance, please contact your account manager or send us an email to

Fingo Finance