if your business requires a fleet of vehicles, it’s needless to say that the fleet is going to be a big part of the operation – and the budget.

not only does your fleet of vehicles help you to generate cash flow, but it also generates expenses in running costs and repairs. one of the biggest moments for a business is when they first invest in their fleet. you’ll feel all kinds of emotions – from nerves, to ecstasy, to being proud of what you’ve built up to be a successful business.

but that doesn’t mean you have to tackle the fleet all on your own. after all, you’re spending hundreds of thousands and, in some cases, millions of dollars – you want to make darn sure you’re getting the most suitable  deal. fleet management can help you achieve that goal. here are some of the other ways how fleet management can benefit your company or business.

fleet discounts

when you work with a highly-experienced team of fleet managers, they’re able to sniff out the well priced and most suitable vehicles for your needs. fleet management by an expert team also reaps the benefit of fleet discounts for basically any model of vehicle. naturally, because you’re purchasing a number of vehicles, you might think yourself entitled to a discount: which you are! but when a professional fleet management team handles the purchase for you, they can use their extensive network of car dealerships around the country to guarantee you’re getting a fair price on whatever fleet of vehicles you need.

they handle repairs and maintenance

fleet management doesn’t just help with buying the cars: it also includes help with repairing and maintaining them. a good fleet management team will always be able to schedule services, arrange repairs and loads of other things. that way, your head is freed-up from the stresses of fleet management and you can concentrate on running a business.

they handle admin

fleet admin isn’t always what you want to be spending your friday night doing either. fringe benefits tax reports, accident reports, rego renewal… why can’t someone else do that for you? well, they can! our fleet management love tackling the paperwork that you don’t have time for.

fuel cards

yep, you won’t even have to look elsewhere to get fuel cards for your fleet. fingo take care of that too, offering negotiated discounts across the country and a range of other benefits. best of all you can still use your fuel vouchers.

fleet management is pretty much an essential part of the business, just as much as the fleet itself! fingo are your team of expert fleet managers, specialising in bargain-hunting, repair scheduling and all other aspects of managing your fleet of vehicles. with connections to over 2,000 dealerships across australia, we will do our absolute best to get a fair price  on your fleet. get in touch with us today!

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