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a novated lease is a great way to save money but not all novated leases are equal. if paying less for your car, maximising your tax break and mitigating most of your financial risks is important to you, then let us tailor a novated lease package for you!

everything is prepaid, so you can go out and live life with freedom.

what is a novated lease?

put simply, a novated lease is an agreement between yourself, a financier, and your employer, that saves gst and income tax. being a salary packaging benefit you enjoy unlimited private use.

the total of all finance and operating costs are deducted from your gross salary, which in turn reduces the income tax, an exclusive approach that saves a significant amount of money.

how our process works

1. choose your car

whether it’s a dealer or private sale, get their best written quote.

2. we negotiate a lower car purchase price

we’ll negotiate a better price from the dealer with our fleet buying power and exclusive industry relationships.

3. receive a transparent novated lease quote

now that you’ve got a great deal on your vehicle, it’s time to get a great deal on your novated lease too.

4. we take care of the boring paperwork

upon your acceptance of our market leading novated lease product, we’ll arrange everything with the dealer on your behalf.

5. drive away in your new car

we present you with the necessary documentation, you sign and drive away!

novated leases really aren’t complicated. follow the five steps to getting a novated lease.

calculate your novated lease savings

Choose your vehicle

If unsure, the average is 20,000 KMs.
If unsure, the average is 3 years.
Is this a EV/PHEV/Hydrogen Fuel Cell vehicle?

novated leasing

unlock the benefits of paying less tax while enjoying incredible deals and seamless budgeting with our novated lease option!

why not take advantage of a tax-efficient way to lease a car that suits your style? whether it’s brand-new, used, or a car you already own, our novated leasing plan is flexible and ATO-approved.

as a top novated lease provider in australia, we aim to facilitate the process for you to obtain the vehicle you desire! with the added perks of ease and potential tax savings that come with salary packaging a car.

Novated Lease Company in Australia
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why novated lease?

novated car lease is a smart and efficient way to own a vehicle while enjoying tax benefits and fantastic deals! it’s a three-way agreement between you, your employer, and a finance company, approved by the ato.

with novated leasing, you can conveniently consolidate not just your lease payments, but also all your vehicle’s running expenses — such as fuel, electric vehicle charging, insurance, registration, tyres, servicing & maintenance, car wash and many more — into a single, hassle-free regular payment. novated leases and taxbreak are two things that fingo specialise in. we help you choose the best option for you.

how does novated lease work

am i eligible for a novated lease? essentially, whether it’s a new, pre-owned, or your current vehicle, it is leased under your name through your employer. instead of making payments with your after-tax income, the lease is funded through your payroll department using a mix of your pre- and post-tax salary.

  1. participation of each party:
    • employee: arranges a novated lease with novated lease provider and novates the financial commitments to the employer.
    • employer: commits to deduct all novated lease expenses via the employees salary packaging.
    • financier: provides funding the purchase of the vehicle.
    • novated leasing provider: oversees vehicle procurement, initiates the lease, and manages all salary packaging administration, contractual, and compliance-related matters.
  2. payment mechanics:
    • deductions are made from the employee’s payroll directly to the novated leasing provider (such as us) before the application of PAYG income tax, facilitating an efficient payment process.
  3. spreading the costs:
    • the expenses, comprising both the vehicle and financing costs (excluding GST and the residual payment), are evenly allocated through fixed payments over the duration of the lease term.

in short, while the employee salary packages the use of the vehicle via their salary packaging agreement with their employer, and the novated lease provider work in tandem to ensure a smooth, compliant financial, vehicle management and administrative arrangement. novated leases are easily one of the most cost-effective ways to buy a car in australia. read the article on ‘how much can i save with a novated lease?

unlock the benefits of novated lease

unleash the various benefits with fingo as your novated lease provider:

  • tax efficiency:

    engage in smart tax savings! pay with a combination of pre-tax and post-tax income, effectively reducing your taxable income, and bask in the delight of tax savings. curious about how much you can save? use our comprehensive novated lease calculator and see your estimated savings!

  • simplified budget management:

    say farewell to budgeting woes with consolidated vehicle-related expenses into a single, predictable payment. for a detailed budget plan, fill in our online enquiry form and one of our novated lease specialists will show you your personalised novated lease solution.

  • flexible vehicle choices:

    freedom in your hands! opt for a new, used, or your current vehicle to fit your needs and lifestyle precisely. our car broker can also assist you on sourcing the vehicle.

  • streamlined administration:

    embrace a hassle-free experience with all administrative tasks managed efficiently by the us your novated leasing provider. for administration queries, please contact us online or call 1300 134 646.

  • exclusive discounts:

    unlock potential discounts on vehicle pricing and insurance. you can also enjoy the added convenience and savings on fuel and other associated costs with our motorpass card.

  • unlimited vehicle usage:

    drive without limits! your leased vehicle is yours to use, both for personal and business adventures.

  • fixed, predictable and flexible payments:

    navigate your finances effortlessly with fixed and regular payments that can easily be adjusted based on your requirement and simplifying your budgeting journey.

  • flexible end-of-lease options:

    as the lease concludes, you have the option to purchase, renew, or change the vehicle. for a smooth transition.

have more questions or ready to start?

for personalised solution and a deep dive into how novated leasing can revolutionise your vehicle ownership experience and know more about novated leasing.

novated lease vs car loan: what's right for you?

feature  novated lease  car loan 
payment method  payments are made using a combination of pre-tax and post-tax salary, reducing taxable income.   payments are made using post-tax salary. 
vehicle ownership  the financier holds the ownership until the end of the lease.  the borrower becomes the vehicle owner. 
tax benefits  offers potential tax benefits as part of the running costs are paid with pre-tax salary  no tax benefits since payments are made post-tax. 
running costs  can include running costs like insurance, maintenance, fuel, tyres and many more in the lease payments.  only covers the cost of the vehicle; running costs are separate and paid with post-tax salary. 
employer involvement  requires employer agreement and involvement in the payment process.  does not involve the employer; the agreement is between the borrower and the financier. 
flexibility  offers flexibility in choosing new, used, or existing cars.  generally used for new cars, but used cars can be financed too. 
end of term options  various options available: purchase the vehicle, start a new lease, payout residual and keep the car  the borrower owns the vehicle outright after the loan is paid off or they can refinance the balloon amount if there is one. 
application process  involves the employee, employer, and financier.  typically involves just the borrower and financier. 
interest rates  may offer competitive rates; varies by financiers.  interest rates vary by financier and the borrower’s creditworthiness. 

australia's best selling non-evs for novated leasing

thanks to the significant benefits of the major fingo tax incentive, demand is skyrocketing. explore our range of australia’s top-selling non-electric vehicles, where we help customers every day in securing fantastic deals and significant tax savings.

  • ford: choose from perennial favorites like the ranger and everest.
  • mazda: explore attention-grabbing options such as the bt-50 (selected variants) and cx-9 suvs..
  • toyota: discover novations for popular models like landcruisers and hiluxs (selected variants).
  • nissan: explore demand-driven choices including the leaf, patrol, x trail, and navara.
  • kia: standout options include the family-friendly carnival, along with the picanto, seltos, sorento, and sportage.
  • hyundai: top drivers’ picks feature the tucson, i30 and palisade.
  • mitsubishi: affectionate favorites remain the pajero and triton.
  • bmw: explore sought-after luxury suvs like the x1, ix1, i4, ix, ix3, and x5.
  • mercedes benz: specializing in luxury, models like the eqa 250 stand out
  • volkswagen: enjoy significant popularity with models like the amarok and tiguan.
  • audi: ideal for both business and leisure, audi offers versatile options.
  • porsche: discover sought-after luxury models like the b4 and taycan.
  • isuzu: never-ending enquiries for the d-max (selected variants) and the mu-x.

frequently asked questions

self-managed novated leasing offers the primary advantage of giving you more control over managing the running costs associated with your vehicle. while you still receive the benefit of making payments with your pre-tax salary, you handle the vehicle-related expenses directly, which may provide additional flexibility and potential savings depending on your personal usage and circumstances.

yes, transferring your Novated Lease when moving to a new employer is usually possible. the process involves obtaining agreement from your new employer to continue the salary deductions under the novated leasing arrangement. it’s crucial, however, to consult with your new employer as not all employers may agree to participate in Novated Leasing.

novated Lease Eligibility depends on number of criteria, applicants must be employed full-time or permanent part-time with an employer who supports novated leasing. applicants must be able to make consistent repayments, be at least 18 years old, and not be sole traders. those unable to demonstrate financial stability for repayments or with poor credit scores may be disqualified. For specific eligibility queries, call us on 1300 134 646 or click here to contact our team.

the term for a Novated Lease typically varies between 1 to 5 years, providing flexibility to choose a term that aligns with your financial planning and vehicle utilisation needs. you have the option to select a term that comfortably fits your budget and preferences for vehicle turnover.

opting for a Novated Lease brings multiple benefits: It offers potential tax savings by reducing your taxable income, consolidates various vehicle-related expenses into a single, manageable payment, provides flexibility in vehicle selection (new, used, or your current vehicle), ensures a streamlined, hassle-free experience, may grant access to discounts, and offers various options upon lease expiration, including purchase, refinancing, or entering into a new lease.

the Statutory Method is one of the approaches used to calculate the Fringe Benefits Tax (FBT) payable on a Novated Lease. with this method, the taxable value of the car benefit is determined as a percentage of the vehicle’s cost, regardless of the actual expenses incurred or kilometres travelled. the percentage is fixed, making this approach straightforward and easy to administer.

the Logbook Method is a subset of the Operating Cost Method. with this approach, a logbook is maintained to record all vehicle-related expenses and the kilometres driven for a specified period (usually 12 weeks). the logbook helps determine the business use percentage, which is then applied to the total operating costs to calculate the taxable value. this method requires meticulous record-keeping but can offer tax advantages if the vehicle is predominantly used for business.

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benefits of a novated lease for employees

  • no gst on the purchase price
  • no deposits or up-front costs
  • save on your vehicle running and maintenance costs
  • save thousands in income tax
  • take your vehicle with you if change jobs
  • just one easy monthly payment for all your vehicle expenses

benefits of a novated lease for employers

  • cheaper and easier to manage than providing company cars
  • provide a more attractive remuneration package to potential and existing customers
  • no residual risk
  • lower payroll tax and workcover premiums. no surplus vehicles if an employee changes jobs
  • we take care of arranging everything so you can focus on important business matters

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