Find out how much you could save with a novated lease

A novated lease is a car finance option that comes with big tax saving benefits. Since all your costs – including maintenance and fuel – are covered by one payment out of your pre-tax salary, you get to save while simplifying your life and enjoying the freedom of your own car. 

Enter your details into the calculator below to find out how much you could save if you switched to a novated lease.

novated lease calculator

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If unsure, the average is 20,000 KMs.
If unsure, the average is 3 years.

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Benefits of a novated lease for employees

  • No GST on the purchase price
  • No deposits or up-front costs
  • SAVE on your vehicle running and maintenance costs
  • SAVE thousands in income tax
  • Take your vehicle with you if change jobs
  • Just one easy monthly payment for all your vehicle expenses

Benefits of a novated lease for employers

  • Cheaper and easier to manage than providing company cars
  • Provide a more attractive remuneration package to potential and existing customers
  • No residual risk
  • Lower Payroll tax and WorkCover premiums. No surplus vehicles if an employee changes jobs
  • We take care of arranging everything so you can focus on important business matters
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