novated leases really aren’t complicated. once you know how to apply for a novated lease, you’ll see that it’s not too different from applying for other forms of car finance. there are also so many benefits. from convenience to tax breaks and flexibility, it’s easy to see why people choose a novated lease. here is a breakdown of the five simple steps to getting a novated lease.

how does a novated lease work?

before we begin, here’s a quick summary of how novated leases work. together you and your employer–along with the financier–will form a salary packaging arrangement so that the cost of your new or used car is deducted directly from your salary before tax and paid to the financier by the employer on your behalf.

and with our help, you will be able to sign a contract that suits everybody and puts you one step closer to driving a new vehicle.

how to get a novated lease

with a little light shed on novated leases, now you just need to know how to apply for, and secure one.

step 1 - talk to your employer

without a doubt, you must speak to your employer before you rush ahead and choose your car.

there are a few prerequisites:
- you need to be either a fulltime or part-time employee in australia,
- your employer needs to have been operating for a minimum of 24 months, and lastly,
- your employer needs to agree to the salary packaging requirements.

step 2 - choose a car

this is the fun part. look at specs, models, and prices, and get a written quote for their best price from the dealer or seller. our in-house car broker can also assist you in getting a fair car price.

step 3 - get a novated lease quote

use our online novated lease calculator to get an estimate on your total savings before submitting a request for a quote. if you want, our in-house car broker can use our extensive industry relationships to look for a better deal or negotiate a discount with the dealer on your behalf. we believe in complete transparency, so our quote won’t only include a great deal, it will breakdown all the costs and conditions associated with your novated lease.

step 4 - start the process

if you’re happy with the quote you get, you simply need to accept it and we’ll begin the process of taking care of the all the paperwork and admin between us, the dealer, and you and your employer. we do our best to keep your involvement to a minimum, making the entire process as stress-free as possible.

step 5 - take delivery of your vehicle

once all the details are finalised–including the loan and procurement documents–and the dealer has confirmed that your vehicle is in-stock, you’ll be able to collect it, and start driving it at once.

in just five steps, you can secure a novated lease and get on the road in your new car. with the right novated lease provider you can expect a great deal, a hassle-free process, and minimal delay between choosing a new vehicle and finally getting the keys.

find out how much you could save with our novated lease calculator

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If unsure, the average is 3 years.
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