what is operating lease

Operating Lease is an agreement between the lessee (you the business), an administrating company (us Fingo Finance) and the financier (the lessor), it allows the lessee the use and operation of a particular asset (in this case the vehicle(s)) whilst the ownership of the asset remain with the lessor during and after the agreed term. Unlike a Finance Lease, Operating Lease do not carry any residual/balloon risks, the lessee will simply return the vehicle(s) to the lessor. For any businesses that require a long term vehicle solution, an operating lease allow them access to the newest models regularly whilst retaining the same monthly payment and provide the maximum tax benefits.

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Different between Operating Lease and Finance Lease

The two most common ways to lease a vehicle is an Operating Lease or a Finance Lease, each of the leases have its own pros and cons. Although, there are some similarity between the two, but the suitability and applicability will differ from business to business. That’s when Fingo Finance will be able to assist each individual business and guide them through their unique requirement and situations and provide a tailored vehicle solution.



New or used car
Fleet pricing on new cars
Car purchase GST-free
Can use car as security
No deposit required
Car registered to you
Balloon/residual value option available
At end, you can upgrade/ refinance/ payout to own
Car payment tax deductible
Depreciation and interest costs tax deductible
Claim GST on repayments

How our process works

1. choose your car

You have the pick of the litter and due to the amount of money you'll be saving, you will be able to afford a car you might not have without a novated lease.

2. we negotiate a low price

Fingo's finance consultants will provide a quote for you based on what is reasonable and practical for you and your employer.

3. you receive a transparent quote

A quote will be provided that details the operating costs of the car, your savings, and exactly how your salary is affected.

4. we do all the paperwork

Fingo takes the hassle and stressful steps of obtaining a lease out of the process, so once provided with the necessary information, we'll get the wheels turning and co-operatively complete the application process, and order your desired vehicle.

5. drive away in your new car

As soon as the vehicle is in stock, and all procurement and loan documents are completed, you're able to pick it up and take to the streets and start living the transportation lifestyle you always wanted.

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Save thousands with Fingo

Compare Your Quote With multiple Dealers

We’ll reach out to our network of dealerships to ascertain whether you really did get quoted the best price or not.

Fleet Discounts (even if you’re purchasing a single vehicle)

We have exclusive access to better discounts with our national purchasing power from purchasing thousands of vehicles every year.

Get an obligation-free quote & see if you’re pre-approved for a novated lease now

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how we're different

Through our wealth of industry knowledge we are able to offer savings unrivalled by other financiers. Talk to one of our consultants today about how you can save more with Fingo.

Tailored Package

We craft a package specifically to your values and needs, so that you can get the most out of our services.

Replacement Policy

Unhappy with your car or looking to upgrade? Fingo will accommodate your requests and re-negotiate your plan in order to set you up with your ideal vehicle.

Fully Transparent

We operate with full transparency to ensure you don’t get stuck with hidden fees or taxes.

Same-Day Approvals

We want to get the ball rolling as soon as possible, and you don't want to be held up by unnecessary waiting periods.

End-To-End, Flexible Service.

Fingo strives to be a helping hand from start to finish. If you're struggling to pay off your loans or need to reshape your package, our team is here to help.

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why fingo

No hidden fees, expert knowledge and tailored finance solutions are just a few of the reasons Fingo works for you. Talk to a representative today.

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Our in-depth knowledge of industry financing means you get more from your dollar. Find out how you could be saving money through Fingo’s unique offering – Taxbreak.

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