protect the value of your assets

all new cars come with a warranty. the only problem is that most manufacturer warranties only cover a certain amount of years or kilometres, and they can vary greatly. car troubles never come at a convenient time though, and if your car is out of the warranty period, you will be liable for the costs of repairs. an extended warranty for your car can help mitigate the high costs of unexpected, and often very expensive, repairs for mechanical problems and faults. an extended warranty protects the value of your car asset, allowing you to make repairs timeously, even if you don’t have the immediate funds. 

we can also provide extended warranties for used cars.

benefits of fingo’s extended warranty

  • no limit on the number of claims
  • parts and labour are covered
  • we will cover you even if the original warranty has expired
  • private purchases are covered so you don’t have to buy from a dealer
  • fairest price guaranteed
  • no costly inspections


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