they’re the way of the future: sooner or later, we’ll all be driving zero-emission cars, like evs and hydrogen fuel cell vehicles. but with rising fuel costs and soaring oil prices, why wait until it’s mandatory to drive an electric vehicle? why not make the most of them right now?

if you’ve been thinking about reducing your running costs and environmental impact, here are five top benefits that come with switching to an electric car.

1. beat the fuel pump

petrol prices have taken the word ‘volatility’ to the next level over the past two years. in 2020, petrol was going for a dollar a litre, and in 2022, it’s been more than double that at certain times. the timing thing gets pretty annoying: if you don’t fill up the car when petrol is $1.80/l, you might wake up the next morning to find it’s jumped up by 40c. we shouldn’t need to think about timing. we should just be able to fill up. that’s one of the benefits of electric vehicles – they’re currently cheaper to run, and their running costs are consistent.

2. reduce your footprint

on a global level, switching to an electric vehicle is a great move. electric vehicles currently produce far fewer emissions than combustion engine vehicles, with the goal that, soon, all evs will be 100% zero-emission. this means a greener, healthier planet for all of us.

3. performance

gone are the days when driving a hybrid meant putting around in a dinky little 2006 prius. while there was nothing exactly wrong with the original prius, let’s just say it was never the most glamorous or enthralling car to drive. fast forward to today, when one of the fastest production cars is the tesla model s. it goes from 0-100km/h in a face-melting 2.1 seconds and has a whopping 1000 horsepower behind it.

4. mod-cons and safety

most new electric cars come with all the mod-cons and great safety ratings. the new hybrid toyota camry, for example, comes with pre-collision safety system, dynamic cruise control, lane trace assist and seven srs airbags, making it one of the safest family sedans on the market.

5. they’re becoming more affordable

remember back in the late 90s when a flat-screen tv would cost you thousands and thousands of dollars? and now they can be picked up for cheap as chips? same goes for electric cars. they’re only getting more and more affordable as they become the new norm.

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