small businesses are, in many ways, the backbone of this country. they provide jobs, valuable services and contribute fiscally to the government – so it’s only fair that we look after them. one smart move that many businesses go for is investing in a fleet management system, allowing them to get a better price on their fleet, keep track of their drivers and increase business productivity. but can all businesses reap the benefits of fleet management, or do you have to be a mega, multinational company with a ceo who takes a helicopter to work? let’s find out.

any small business can be eligible for fleet management

if you own a small business and want to invest in fleet management, we’ve got some great news: you can! it doesn’t matter whether you’re a team of 50, or an individual, fleet management should be available to you. before we continue, let’s explain fleet management in a nutshell.

what is fleet management for small businesses?

fleet management is a comprehensive service that assesses your business’s needs – taking into account taxation benefits, suitable vehicle options & requirements and provides you with the best of the best, all under one monthly bill. this can also include fuel cards, servicing, vehicle acquiring, an online account for the transparency of your spending, fbt reporting, insurance and more. 

what are the benefits?

small businesses can enjoy a heap of different benefits from organising fleet management through an expert team like fingo.

  • maintenance and repairs
    fleet management through fingo includes handling all maintenance, services and repairs so that you don’t have to worry about any scheduled maintenance. this keeps your cars on the road and your drivers safe. 
  • discounts on all cars
    one of the best things about fleet management is the discount on buying or leasing your fleet. fingo can score you a great deal on your number of vehicles.
  • accident management
    if one of your drivers has been involved in a bingle, fingo can handle the insurance claims and other implications, taking a load off your shoulders. this gives you more time to focus on your job of running a business, rather than dealing with admin. 
  • rego renewal
    forget worrying about renewing registration for however many cars are in your fleet – fingo take care of that for you.
  • fringe tax benefits (fbt)
    and, of course, this service includes the handling of all fringe tax benefits reports.

keen on investing in fleet management for your small business? talk to the experts at fingo! fingo are australia’s team of car finance experts, offering smart car advice and providing the best fleet management service available. get in touch with the specialists at fingo and reap the benefits of fleet management today.

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