aussies are going crazy for electric vehicles, and there’s no wonder why. it’s a huge way to save money on running a car, including less maintenance, and at the same time cut down on your emissions output.

the single biggest thing that may put some of us off, however, is the considerable chunk of cash that’s required to buy a dedicated home charging station, or ‘hard-wired’ charging station.

these bad boys can cost between a thousand bucks, all the way up to a few thousand. but it’s one of those things that you simply can’t avoid, right? well, today, the team at fingo looked at this issue more closely.

not necessarily

dedicated home charging stations are something that many ev owners opt for. they generally have higher amperage and can juice up your car at a quicker rate than plug-in chargers. but if you’re not down for the electrician’s fees and higher price of the unit itself, the good news is: you don’t actually have to install a hard-wired charging station.

plug-in chargers as an alternative

plug-in, portable chargers offer an alternative to hard-wired charging stations. they’re more cost-effective and have a huge advantage – you can take your charger with you and plug in where you please. here are the main advantages of plug-in chargers:

  • portability

no need to worry about getting home for a charge-up; take your charger with you and plug-in wherever you are; a friend’s place, family gathering, work, etc.

  • cost effective

portable chargers also have a lower upfront cost in comparison to hard-wired chargers.

  • no electrician needed

while it’s relatively straightforward for an electrician to rig up a hard-wired charger, it’s still an extra cost which can be avoided if you purchase a portable charger.

advantages of hard-wired chargers

that being said, there are definitely a couple of perks that come with hard-wired chargers too.

  • higher amperage 

hard-wired chargers have a higher amperage than portable ones, meaning they charge up your car quicker.

  • added convenience

if your hard-wired charger can get your car fully charged in a matter of hours, rather than overnight, you’ll have more time flexibility.

which one to choose?

choosing between a hard-wired and portable charger for your ev can be tough. it all depends on your typical schedule, out-of-work activities and how much you’re willing to invest. you may even find it suitable to buy both!

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