if you were a boxer right now, your opponent would be the servo fuel pump. we all feel like, with current record-high fuel prices, that filling up the car is an unwinnable battle: no matter how much mental prep we do, we still get shocked at the total price of a full tank. 

so, if you’re sick of losing time and time again to the fuel pump, the experts at fingo have put together a few ways to get the best deal when your car needs more juice.

claim it on tax

wouldn’t it be nice to just claim your fuel on tax? well, you can. and nope, we’re not kidding. entering a novated lease on your vehicle of choice entitles you to claim fuel costs against your taxable income, saving you a heap of dosh come tax time. when petrol is over $2.20 per litre like it has been recently, these figures will stack up lightning quick. to learn more about novated leases, check out the options at fingo.

drive economically

getting the best mileage out of your vehicle often depends on how economically you’re driving it. try not to be a lead-foot larry; accelerate slowly and smoothly when the light turns green, and try your best not to accelerate towards a red light. this causes you to use unnecessary fuel and puts more stress on your brakes when you stop. maintaining a steady speed on longer stretches is another big one: when your speed dips and bursts, you use more fuel.

don’t pay for fuel

you’ve probably seen the memes floating around that tell you to drive off from the servo without paying for your fuel, claiming that this incurs an $80 fine while paying for the petrol can cost double at the current prices. while this definitely won’t hold up in reality, there is a way that you can legally drive off from the servo without spending a cent on petrol:

drive a hybrid or ev! 

high petrol prices may be temporary, but driving a hybrid or ev could be a permanent solution, no matter how high the cost of petrol. you won’t have to buy into ridiculously high petrol prices when your car can run partly or fully on electricity. 

there are a range of high quality hybrid and ev cars on the market right now. we’ve never had more options for electric cars, and they’re only going to increase. if you’re interested in making the move to hybrid or ev, talk to the experts at fingo.

fingo can help you source the best car for the best deal. whether you want a novated lease, a car loan or a trade-in, fingo listens to your needs and is driven to deliver. beat the fuel pump when you chat to the legends at fingo and find your perfect ride.

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