To the fingo family


We’ve managed to prove for a second year in a row that we really can achieve anything if we give it our all.

2021 came with compounded challenges from the year before in the form of ever-repeating lockdowns, as well as new ones that came as a surprise – such as a global microchip shortage. Yes, we were challenged, but we kept our chins up because we all know that we can make it through anything if we rely on each other.

One place where all our hard work is evident is in our sterling reviews online. Thank you for adding your reviews; they’re a huge help to our business in getting new customers. I want to thank my team for going above and beyond once again this year, it really pleases me to see so many of them mentioned by name.

I think everybody shares my wishes that 2022 will be just a little bit easier for everybody, but even if it’s not, I think we’ve gotten the hang of it by now – we’ll just keep on adapting and thriving!

So, once again, let’s bid 2021 a big bloody farewell. Enjoy your break and I hope to see you all back in 2022 with renewed energy, ready to work hard at making up any distance we’ve fallen behind since the pandemic started.

Now go boldly into 2022

Managing Director & Founder – Fingo

Fingo Finance