seamless novated lease transfers made simple

unlock the potential of your novated lease by transferring it seamlessly to your new employer with fingo. our services are crafted to provide you with a smooth transition, ensuring you maintain the benefits of your lease without interruption. 

fingo: your partner in transferring novated lease to new employer

welcome to Fingo, where we simplify the novated lease transfer process for you. Our expertise ensures a smooth transition of your novated lease to a new employer, making it hassle-free and straightforward. Dive into our comprehensive guide and services designed to empower your financial flexibility and mobility. 

understanding the essentials: the value of a smooth transition

  • why transfer?: a novated lease transfer can save you from starting a new lease from scratch retaining your vehicle and its terms while changing jobs. 
  • our approach: Fingo offers a step-by-step guide, making the transferring of a novated lease straightforward and stress-free. 

Novated Lease Transfer Services

who we are solving this for: tailored solutions for your novated lease transfer.

at fingo, we understand that each transferring a new lease to a new employer situation is unique. our solutions are designed to address the diverse needs of individuals and organisations, ensuring that your novated lease transfer is seamless, regardless of your circumstances. 

for employees seeking stability in transition 
  • career movers: whether you’re climbing the corporate ladder or shifting industries, keep your leased vehicle without the hassle. 
  • financial savvy individuals: maximise your benefits by maintaining your lease terms and conditions when you move to a new employer. 
for employers aiming for efficiency 
  • hr professionals: streamline the onboarding process for new hires with existing novated leases, making transitions smooth for both the organisation and the employee. 
  • business leaders: Retain and attract talent by offering flexible and supportive novated lease transfer policies. 

proven success in novated lease transfers

our approach to transferring a novated lease to a new employer is not just a promise; success stories and satisfied clients back it. here’s how our process makes a difference: 

seamless transitions, confirmed by clients 
  • rapid response: quick and efficient handling of all novated lease transfer inquiries and processes. 
  • client satisfaction: high levels of satisfaction are reported by both employees and employers, thanks to our comprehensive support and guidance. 
enhanced financial outcomes 
  • cost savings: employees save on taxes and maintain their lease benefits, leading to better financial health. 
  • budget predictability: Employers benefit from predictable costs and no unexpected financial burdens related to employee vehicle leases. 
stress-free experience for all parties 
  • smooth process: our streamlined process removes the complexity of transferring novated leases, making it straightforward for everyone involved. 
  • expert support: access to knowledgeable advisors who can answer all your questions and provide bespoke advice throughout the novated lease transfer.

make your novated lease transfer smooth and simple with fingo!

streamlining your novated lease transfer

fingo takes a comprehensive and meticulous approach to ensure the transferring novated lease to a new employer process is efficient and stress-free for all parties involved. Here’s our method: 

detailed consultation 

  • understand your needs: Initial discussions to comprehend your specific novated lease transfer requirements. 
  • tailored advice: providing personalised guidance based on your situation and objectives. 

seamless coordination 

  • liaise with all parties: communicating with your current and new employers, as well as the lease company, to facilitate a smooth transition. 
  • manage paperwork: handling all necessary documentation to ensure compliance and completion. 

continuous support 

  • expert assistance: offering ongoing support from our team of novated lease transfer specialists. 
  • post-transfer follow-up: ensuring satisfaction and addressing any subsequent questions or concerns. 

comprehensive services for novated lease transfer.

fingo’s suite of services is designed to cover every aspect of your novated lease transfer, offering peace of mind and convenience.’ 

for individuals 
  • end-to-end management: from the initial consultation to the final transfer, we oversee every step. 
  • custom solutions: tailoring the transfer process to suit your personal and financial circumstances. 

for organisations 

  • policy development: assisting in the creation or refinement of novated lease transfer policies. 
  • employee transition support: providing resources and support for hr teams to aid employee transitions. 

the fingo advantage in novated lease transfers

selecting fingo for your novated lease transfer needs means choosing a partner committed to excellence, efficiency, and personalised service. 

expert knowledge 

  • specialised focus: deep understanding of the nuances involved in transferring novated leases. 
  • informed decisions: Empowering you with information to make the best choices throughout the transfer. 

unmatched support 

  • personalised attention: each novated lease transfer is managed with a focus on the individual’s or organisation’s specific needs. 
  • responsive service: quick and effective responses to your inquiries and concerns. 

proven track record 

  • satisfied clients: a history of successful novated lease transfers for employees and employers alike. 
  • efficient processes: Streamlined procedures that save time and reduce stress for all parties. 

trust fingo for your novated lease transfer needs!

choosing fingo means partnering with experts who not only understand the intricacies of transferring a novated lease to a new employer but also prioritise your satisfaction and financial well-being. our dedicated team, comprehensive services, and client-focused approach ensure that your novated lease transfer is executed flawlessly, providing you with continuity, confidence, and convenience. 

frequently asked questions

self-managed novated leasing offers the primary advantage of giving you more control over managing the running costs associated with your vehicle. while you still receive the benefit of making payments with your pre-tax salary, you handle the vehicle-related expenses directly, which may provide additional flexibility and potential savings depending on your personal usage and circumstances.

yes, transferring your Novated Lease when moving to a new employer is usually possible. the process involves obtaining agreement from your new employer to continue the salary deductions under the novated leasing arrangement. it’s crucial, however, to consult with your new employer as not all employers may agree to participate in Novated Leasing.

novated Lease Eligibility depends on number of criteria, applicants must be employed full-time or permanent part-time with an employer who supports novated leasing. applicants must be able to make consistent repayments, be at least 18 years old, and not be sole traders. those unable to demonstrate financial stability for repayments or with poor credit scores may be disqualified. For specific eligibility queries, call us on 1300 134 646 or click here to contact our team.

the term for a Novated Lease typically varies between 1 to 5 years, providing flexibility to choose a term that aligns with your financial planning and vehicle utilisation needs. you have the option to select a term that comfortably fits your budget and preferences for vehicle turnover.

opting for a Novated Lease brings multiple benefits: It offers potential tax savings by reducing your taxable income, consolidates various vehicle-related expenses into a single, manageable payment, provides flexibility in vehicle selection (new, used, or your current vehicle), ensures a streamlined, hassle-free experience, may grant access to discounts, and offers various options upon lease expiration, including purchase, refinancing, or entering into a new lease.

the Statutory Method is one of the approaches used to calculate the Fringe Benefits Tax (FBT) payable on a Novated Lease. with this method, the taxable value of the car benefit is determined as a percentage of the vehicle’s cost, regardless of the actual expenses incurred or kilometres travelled. the percentage is fixed, making this approach straightforward and easy to administer.

the Logbook Method is a subset of the Operating Cost Method. with this approach, a logbook is maintained to record all vehicle-related expenses and the kilometres driven for a specified period (usually 12 weeks). the logbook helps determine the business use percentage, which is then applied to the total operating costs to calculate the taxable value. this method requires meticulous record-keeping but can offer tax advantages if the vehicle is predominantly used for business.

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benefits of a novated lease for employees

  • no gst on the purchase price
  • no deposits or up-front costs
  • save on your vehicle running and maintenance costs
  • save thousands in income tax
  • take your vehicle with you if change jobs
  • just one easy monthly payment for all your vehicle expenses

benefits of a novated lease for employers

  • cheaper and easier to manage than providing company cars
  • provide a more attractive remuneration package to potential and existing customers
  • no residual risk
  • lower payroll tax and workcover premiums. no surplus vehicles if an employee changes jobs
  • we take care of arranging everything so you can focus on important business matters
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