with some things, we don’t need to act on them immediately. like those dishes from the meal you made last night. they can sit there for a while before you get onto them, eventually loading them into the dishwasher. besides, they need to ‘soak’, right? they’re easier for the dishwasher to clean when they ‘soak’.

but other things need immediate attention and you’ve got no excuse for not taking care of them. trading in your car in the current climate is exactly one of those things. let’s take a look why:

used cars are booming right now

used cars are booming in australia right now, meaning that one of your most valuable assets has no doubt risen in price since a couple of years ago. it’s all due to the shortage of semiconductor chips and the consequent lack of new cars being built worldwide. if you’re looking to trade your car in, there’s actually a chance you could turn a profit on it. we’re seeing specific models of used cars sell for thousands more now than what they were going for before the pandemic.

which cars are performing the best?

all cars have gone up by some degree or another, but the best performing vehicles have been utes, twin-cabs and 4wds. as the possibility of international travel quickly vanished, people turned to taking their holidays on the road and seeing parts of australia they’d never seen before. 

models like the ford ranger and toyota hilux were always going to be in high demand no matter what, due to their necessity to tradespeople and other business owners. so, if you own one of these, you can expect that it’ll fetch a pretty penny, even if you’ve been using it for a couple of years.

don’t wait to trade-in your car

if you’ve been thinking about trading in your car, stop contemplating and start putting the wheels in motion! you’re going to get a great price for your vehicle. the best candidates for trade-ins right now are people who:

  • own a ute or 4wd and want to trade it in for a new model
  • own a highly sort-after make of car like toyota or holden and want to trade it in for something less in-demand

you need an expert to guide you

that being said, you can’t just head on down to your closest dealer and assume you’re getting a great deal because you read this article. it’s wise to get some expert help before trading your car in.

fingo are a team of experts who are going to do just that. fingo are australia’s leading team in car brokerage and finance, offering smart car advice on your next trade-in. they’ll guide you through your trade-in, ensuring that you keep more money in your pocket. fingo work for you, delivering the best results and using their enormous database of over 2,000 dealerships across australia to find you the best car available.

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