there’s no time like the present: especially when it comes to investing in an electric vehicle (ev). reduced environmental impact and lower running costs are just two of the immediate benefits that are drawing more and more people towards investing in evs.

if you’re wondering why electric car sales in australia tripled in 2021, here’s a few reasons why people are madly investing in evs, now rather than later.

fuel prices are through the roof

2022, like other years, has been full of nasty shocks. russia invading ukraine. the death of shane warne. and now, record-breaking fuel prices. if there was ever a sign from above to switch to an electric vehicle, it’s probably now. at $2.20/l, who wants to be taking out a second mortgage just to fill the car up?

electric vehicles come with cheaper and more consistent running costs. don’t be left thinking about harvesting one of your organs for extra cash while you’re watching the fuel gauge get higher and higher. invest in an ev!

environmental reasons

we all understand the importance of looking after the environment. investing in ev technology is one of the best things we can do to reduce our own carbon footprint. now is the best time to invest in ev technology for this reason; the sooner we get our act together in terms of eliminating fossil fuels, the sooner we can stop worrying about our effect on the environment.

more and more charging stations

it’s never been easier to charge your plug-in hybrid electric vehicle (phev). with about 3000 electric vehicle charging stations across australia, giving your phev the juice it needs has never been easier. the number of charging stations will only increase, making it even more practical to own a hybrid vehicle.

home charging stations will get cheaper

not only are the upfront costs of evs slowly getting cheaper and cheaper, but so are the costs of running them. in the future, all new cars will be 100% zero-emission, meaning that home charging stations will become the new norm. this kind of technology is on the expensive side right now, but will only become more affordable in the next few years.

we’re spoilt for choice

finally, we’re spoilt for choice when looking for an ev. from the reliable, practical toyota camry sedan, to the sporty tesla model s, there’s an electric vehicle to suit everybody. ford are even making an electric version of their revered f150 pickup truck which is simply beyond awesome.

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