being able to see into the future would be a blessing and a curse, wouldn’t it? having the ability to pick which stocks are going to skyrocket, but also having friends come to you all the time, asking whether that mole on their back is anything to be worried about.

we can’t predict your future, but we do have a pretty clear idea of what the future holds for internal combustion engine (ice) cars. many are asking whether ice cars will eventually be banned in australia. in this post, we get the answers from the experts at fingo.

eventually, yes…

eventually, the world will turn toward 100% zero-emission vehicles – a promise which many countries have already pledged to do. the uk, italy and canada, for example, have all agreed to ban ice cars by 2035. seems pretty close, right? with the majority of countries having also committed to entirely producing zero-emission vehicles within the next 20 years, it’s no doubt that australia will also catch up.

…but probably not for a while

that being said, australia is one of the only western nations that hasn’t committed to a certain date on which we’ll ban the production of ice cars. but knowing australia, we’ll catch up in our own time eventually. we’re always a little behind – think about netflix, krispy kreme and a whole bunch of other things.

when will ice cars be banned?

again, we can’t predict the future. if we could, we’d all be millionaires right now! however, there’s a good chance that australia will ban the sale of new ice car by about 2050. maybe sooner, maybe later.

should your next car be a hybrid? 

with this in mind, you’ve still got plenty of options for buying new ice cars which are still by far the most popular option in australia, weighing in at around 98%. but does that mean you should be buying an ice car, or are there better options with hybrids?

perks of investing in a hybrid car

  • beat the high fuel prices

fuel prices have soared due to the ukraine conflict, and who knows when they’ll come back down again. investing in a hybrid means less relying on volatile fuel prices, saving money in the long term.

  • reduced carbon footprint

driving an electric vehicle is one of the best things you can do for the environment. and with loads more options for different car bodies, like utes (check out the ford 150 lightning) and 4wds (check out the mercedes benz eqc 4×42), we’ve never had a better opportunity to reduce our carbon footprint.

whether you’re after a combustion motor or electric vehicle, get in touch with the team at fingo. they’re australia’s car finance experts, helping you get the car of your dreams in the most suitable way for you. talk to the guys at fingo to learn more.

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