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So, your journey with your current car is coming to an end. No need to be sad; we’ll help you get an estimated trade in or private sale price that will definitely put a smile on your face. A large amount of your money goes into buying a car and making monthly repayments, and we want to make sure that you get the fairest possible return on that investment when the journey comes to an end. A higher trade in or private sale price makes a massive difference when replacing your car.

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How our process works

1 Submit your car valuation form

Tell us about your car, the more in-depth the detail the more accurate our estimates will be

2 Getting the preliminary estimates

We’ll use our big data against the details you’ve provide about your car and fetch a preliminary trade in and private sale estimates.

3 Valuation

We will present your car to a number of dealers and wholesaler in order to ascertain a more accurate valuation of your car

4 We arrange the auction

If you would prefer to auction your vehicle, we can also arrange this.

5 Guaranteed buyback

Your interests will be safeguarded with our guaranteed buyback finance products.
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